In regards to sustainable development, Jaymar aims on 3 important points: dynamic economic, environmental quality as well as social equity.

Dynamic Economic

By buying a Jaymar product, you contribute to the economic vitality of North America. All the components of Jaymar's upholstered furniture are manufactured in Terrebonne thus ensuring the quality of all the components of our products.

Environmental Quality

Jaymar makes every effort possible to protect the environment and thus ensuring the conservation of nature on a long-term basis. As much as possible, our business partners are eco-certified and make every effort to reduce their ecological footprint.

Several green initiatives are in place at the plant such as: recycling of leather and wood cuttings; we purchase certified wood and flexible foam made from renewable resources and manufactured according to a technology that reduces ecological footprint. As a leather specialist, to cut leathers as precisely as possible, Jaymar uses water jet cutting machines and the water used is recycled into the system. We also use Eco-Compact fluorescent lighting throughout all our buildings.

By buying a product entirely in natural leather, you contribute to the global economy since it's a food by-product. If people don't buy leather products, the animals will solely be used for their meat and the leather will therefore be wasted.

A conscious effort is also made by our employees by using dishes instead of disposable dishes. When the plant is not operating, the lights are turned off and the room temperature is reduced. Whenever possible, double-sided paper is strongly recommended. Finally, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the transport of goods is consolidated to ensure that the trailers leave only once they are filled.

Above all, we believe that the best way of being ecological and protecting the environment starts with the production of quality products. In buying our products, proudly manufactured in Canada, and made to last, you make a smart choice!

Social Equity and Integral Participation

Jaymar prides itself in its healthy, clean and cheerful work environment. Jaymar employees are invited to contribute toward fundraising for non-profit organizations, in order to help those in need. Jaymar is corporately committed as well.