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About us

Jaymar's latest innovations are exhibited in the company's permanent showroom in Terrebonne, Quebec, and are sold to consumers by authorized retailers across North America. To find the dealer nearest you, consult our Find a dealer page to know where you could purchase your Jaymar.

A brief history

Established by Mr. George Reinitz in 1956.

Today, Jaymar is amongst the leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Canada and is recognized as the company with unlimited choices. We offer stylish furniture of great quality in multiple configurations with a vast choice of leathers and fabrics. We want our customers to get the furniture of their dreams whilst taking into consideration today's small space living areas.

A Philosophy and Craftsmen

Jaymar's roots have always been well anchored on the European tradition of exquisite style and savoir-faire and the ultimate goal of our Jaymar family members is customer satisfaction. In addition to a constant search for innovation and quality, nothing would be possible without the dedication of our experienced and impassioned craftsmen. In fact, several employees have more than 30 years of experience at Jaymar. The dedication, expertise and competence of these veterans are continuously shared with the 145 employees who carry out the research and development, conception and design, inspection, packaging, as well as the delivery and the after-sales service of furniture. This is done to ensure the conformity and the quality of Jaymar products.

An Ultramodern Plant

To ensure that we remain a leading innovator, investments are made in order to purchase top-quality machinery. The plant (150,000 square feet) is located at 30 minutes from downtown Montreal, on Jaymar Street in Terrebonne. Each style is manufactured from A to Z in our ultra-modern factory thus offering an optimized work environment for the productivity of the employees.

Sale of Jaymar

In 2000, after 44 years, founder Mr. George Reinitz sells Jaymar to Rivers & Associates, an American investors company who in turn sold to Shermag in 2003. In 2009, Group Bermex acquires Shermag including Jaymar.

Daniel Walker acquires 100% of Jaymar's Shares

In September 2014, Daniel Walker experienced businessman for more than 30 years in the furniture industry, becomes sole owner and President of a Canadian flagship of upholstered furniture.

With his brother Michel Walker (MBA & CA) as well as with an excellent management team, their first decision was to clean, paint and transform certain areas of the shop to improve the work environment of their employees and to revamp an 8,000 sq. Ft. Showroom in order to have consumers live a unique experience in elegant living room settings when in the process of purchasing quality upholstered furniture.

Furniture manufactured in Canada, design, combine comfort and superior quality; voilà what defines Jaymar, a visionary company which will never cease to amaze you!


Produced by highly qualified and impassioned craftsmen, Jaymar's product are made with "Select" raw materials and premium leathers; coming from tanneries recognized throughout the world for their quality and consistency. Your Jaymar furniture will provide you with comfort and style, the quality that you seek and satisfaction!


The structural integrity of each product created is a constant source of pride for all Jaymar family members. We seek and use the best raw materials, including components which exceed the "standards of industry".

Our hardwood frames are designed and constructed with a support structure and angle joint brackets in order to maximize long-term durability, and are built with a lifetime warranty.

The seat suspension mechanisms we use include reinforced stainless steel arc springs for maximum comfort and durability.

Furthermore, to increase the quality of our products and their durable beauty, we specify a minimal foam density of 2.25 pounds per square inch, so that our furniture sits great while maintaining its shape.

The finishing touches of each upholstered item that we create testifies to the quality and attention that we carry to the details in each Jaymar product. In fact, the care that we take in the stitching of leathers and fabrics and the soft and comfortable padding that we use to protect and support the “exterior” of each article aims to successfully improve the visual aspect of the finished product. Other elements for which we are proud of are the various personalized legs and bases of great quality that are well in view on the different styles and our unique fasteners that firmly secure in place Jaymar sectional furniture; all of which provide both beauty and security.

Sustainable Development

In regards to sustainable development, Jaymar aims on 3 important points: dynamic economic, environmental quality as well as social equity.

Dynamic Economic

By buying a Jaymar product, you contribute to the economic vitality of North America. All the components of Jaymar's upholstered furniture are manufactured in Terrebonne thus ensuring the quality of all the components of our products.

Environmental Quality

Jaymar makes every effort possible to protect the environment and thus ensuring the conservation of nature on a long-term basis. As much as possible, our business partners are eco-certified and make every effort to reduce their ecological footprint.

Several green initiatives are in place at the plant such as: recycling of leather and wood cuttings; we purchase certified wood and flexible foam made from renewable resources and manufactured according to a technology that reduces ecological footprint. As a leather specialist, to cut leathers as precisely as possible, Jaymar uses water jet cutting machines and the water used is recycled into the system. We also use Eco-Compact fluorescent lighting throughout all our buildings.In addition, for 2019, Jaymar is committed to no longer use any disposable plastic bottles. We will use a filtered water system for our water supply and promote reusable bottles for all our employees. In addition, for 2019, Jaymar is committed to no longer use any disposable plastic bottles. We will use a filtered water system for our water supply and promote reusable bottles for all our employees.

By buying a product entirely in natural leather, you contribute to the global economy since it's a food by-product. If people don't buy leather products, the animals will solely be used for their meat and the leather will therefore be wasted.

A conscious effort is also made by our employees by using dishes instead of disposable dishes. When the plant is not operating, the lights are turned off and the room temperature is reduced. Whenever possible, double-sided paper is strongly recommended. Finally, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the transport of goods is consolidated to ensure that the trailers leave only once they are filled.

Above all, we believe that the best way of being ecological and protecting the environment starts with the production of quality products. In buying our products, proudly manufactured in Canada, and made to last, you make a smart choice!

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Our partner Certex

"The mission of this social economy enterprise does not leave us indifferent. It harmonizes with Jaymar's values and our respective means of actions to contribute to a better economic and social well-being of individuals and communities. What particularly captured our attention, besides their superb social mission, is their environmental mission with the promise that one day, Jaymar will be able to upholster its mattresses, sofas and armchairs with recycled textiles."

Founded in 1992, Certex is one of the largest sorting centres for the recovery and reuse of textiles in Quebec. One of its missions is to provide permanent employment to hundreds of people with disabilities. The company's other mission is to protect the environment by recycling 90% of the 6,000 tons of textile waste received each year; the equivalent of a 53-foot trailer every day. Certex donates more than $ 300,000 a year to the community by buying the surplus from clothing banks and supporting their social equity mission. In collaboration with various partners, Certex operates three high-end thrift shops called La FripeShop. A social economy enterprise and an accredited charity, Certex is a member of CQEA "Conseil québécois des entreprises adaptées".

Social Equity and Integral Participation

Jaymar prides itself in its healthy, clean and cheerful work environment. Jaymar employees are invited to contribute toward fundraising for non-profit organizations, in order to help those in need. Jaymar is corporately committed as well.