Why choose a Jaymar furniture? | Jaymar

The construction

We cut the wood needed for each element of the structure of your furniture, for the sake of maximizing resources, by means of laser cuts. We offer you several padding options, but this one is still based on the same high quality high density foam that is used in the making of all our models.

Once your order is received by the Jaymar team, it is registered in our system and the production process is started.

The leather

Cut wood pieces, some of plywood and some of solid wood, are glued and stapled. The assembly is then done by a process of tenons and mortises, assuring an increased solidity and a durability out of the commun run. All of this comes with premium, hardened steel anti-sag springs secured with Teflon-coated fasteners to prevent squeaking noises.

Covers & Finishes

The finishing touches of each upholstered item we design reflect the quality and attention we give to the details of each Jaymar product.

No matter what cover you choose, rest assured that they have all been chosen with care, to offer you the best quality in the industry, both in leather and fabrics. The leather, imported directly from Italy, is 100% authentic. We invite you to visit the leathers page of our website to learn more. The fabrics, meanwhile, come from suppliers favoring the best components, offering you unparalleled strength and durability. As for finishing seams, they are made of high-quality nylon threads, durable and resistant to fraying. Several finishing options are also available, such as inserts or legs, metal or wood. Such as decorative wood or metal inserts or finishing nails in the arms, as well as the choice of materials and color of your legs.


Then the frame and the sewn covering are sent to the upholsterers. This must cover the frame with an arrangement of high resilience foam and memory foam which makes the reputation of our comfort at Jaymar. His job is to arrange everything together to create furniture that will meet the highest expectations.

The finishing touches on each upholstered item we design testify to the quality and attention to detail of each Jaymar product.

Once your furniture is completed, it is inspected by a rigorous quality control, aimed at detecting any possible anomaly or manufacturing defect. It is then packaged and labeled so that it is ready for delivery to your retailer.